The First Store Collection Stamp



The first Starbucks store is a place with over 50 years of rich history wrapped up in its four walls. This collection—inspired by original elements throughout the store—consists of 5,000 pieces, each one uniquely commemorating 1912 Pike Place. Depicted as a multi-media collage of photos, in-store textures, and prominent icons from our archives, this collection puts a modern spin on the historic landmark.

This Limited-Edition Stamp is available while supplies last. Limit 1 Stamp per person. Early access available to Members who have two or more unique Journey Stamps as of 9AM PDT April 19, 2023. If you are not yet a Starbucks Odyssey Member, please join the waitlist.

This Stamp comes with 1500 bonus Points that count toward your Annual Point Total for 2023. These Points expire December 31, 2023. Points have promotional value in the Starbucks Odyssey program only and do not have any cash value. Sale or transfer of this Stamp will result in deduction of the bonus Points from your Annual Point Total.

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