RTFKT X NIKE Trillium Lace Engine




The Trillium Lace Engine powers the incredible auto-lacing and customizable fit technology inside the Cryptokicks iRL sneakers.

Trillium is an element that can only be found in the MNLTHic dimension. The Artisans call Trillium the element of comfort. With it, they create technology that smartly adapts to its users’ needs.

The Trillium Lace Engine powers the Cryptokicks iRL sneakers, so that you can comfortably walk into the future.

The Future is Now ⚡

Digital Collectible terms and condition apply, see

Each Trillium Lace Engine NFT can provide access during the announced private minting and forging event to purchase a single pair of Cryptokicks iRL sneakers as a digital collectible and a corresponding physical pair of sneakers.

For the private minting and forging event, when your purchase a pair of Cryptokicks iRL physical sneakers, you will burn your Trillium Lace Engine NFT (ERC-1155 token) in exchange for a Cryptokicks iRL NFT (ERC-721 token.)

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