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"We want to contribute a large portion of the project's revenues to organizations making substantial contributions to mental health and addiction treatment.
Additionally, the Awesome Possums project is committed to providing scholarhsips to these kids to reduce or dampen the negative impacts of childhood trauma in kids from low-income commuities. Later on, part of the project;s revenue will be utilized to promote and create our non-profit organization dedicated to the same objectives. We've come to offer our initiative as the best chance of succee ding, making the community happy, and helping others smile.

Awesome Possums token is an exclusive utility token for the Awesome Possums ecosystem. The token is the first of its kind. It allows its holders to benefit directly from the Awesome Possums products and services. As a result, Awesome Possums token owners will access the ecosystem's full range of goods. Awesome Possums token is an ERC721- NFT standard token. The Awesome Possums NFT project has the potential to change the NFT space and conversation drastically. Its functionality will enable hold ers to trade, purchase products from the NFT marketplace and knowledge, stake them for prizes, etc. Users get invitations to a Private Discord full of fun and the convenience of sharing each Awesome Possums owner's ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. Each owner is unique, and we encourage the display of your uniqueness. Our Discord will also include a support group for the communities the project aims to empower.
Holders will win rewards, crypto lotteries, Awesome Possums NFTs, vacations, tickets to live events, and Awesome Possums merch. Awesome Possums will challenge the global mental health and addic tion recovery industry for the first time. "

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